What have you just BOUGHT?

In the last few months, but not in chronological order;
Cosina Voigtlander R2S body
Cosina Voigtlander 25 f4 in Nikon S mount
Nikkor 28 3.5
My latest purchase was a Hoya R72 filter to use on my M8, for some infrared fun.

A few weeks ago, I went to Newtonville Camera for a filter, and walked out with a Zeiss 2,8/21 Biogon, and a 25/28mm Zeiss viewfinder, also for the M8. I still don't know how that happened. But I'm not complaining.

And a while before that, the Haoda Macro Reversing ring for Canon, which has turned the stock 18-55mm Canon lens into something dramatic and fun.
In the last week I've purchased:
For my bro, the cleanest Bronica ETRSi I have ever seen (with a 150/3.5)

A sigma 120-400 in Nikon mount

The new Nikon D7000 DSLR... Well, as soon as Henrys gets a shipment.

Stagg solidbody (LP-style, sunburst) electric ukulele, a smokey amp and aquila strings :)
What was (were) your most recent purchase(s); why and when?

Been on a big spree lately, I don't know why.

The Retina IIa I've been hunting for a while, but got a Voigtlander Vito B and sort of forgot about it.

My Vito B is one of my favourite walking around cameras. It fits in the palm of my hand so nice! I have a IIc, and although its gorgeous to look at, I really don't use it much.

As for recent buying, I have discovered how wonderful Canon P's are. Acquired two of them over the past few months. I think they are definitely destined to be my main users. Actually, after buying the P's, I may evolve into a net seller rather than a buyer. They are so nice it makes me wonder why I use anything else.
too much......

mamiya 7 about 6 weeks ago
mamiya RZ67 kit last week
new gitzo tripod
crumpler bizillion bag for the RZ kit

tons of film....paper and chemicals
I need to stop...
I just bought a 75mm f/1.8 from an RFF member
before that,
I bought a V2 Summilux
before that,
I bought a Leica M9.

I think I can't come up with any excuses to get any more gear now.
Until next spring when my next grant comes in & I want a pro video camera...

Phil Forrest
Over the past month:

80mm 2.8, plus uv/ir filter.
Leica 1.4x and 1.25x magnifiers. (I plan to test these mags pand may then return none or one or both.)
I just bought:

1. Milwaukee cordless screwdriver

2. Ridgid reciprocating saw

3. Bathroom exhaust fan

4. Bathroom heat lamp

5. One sheet of 3/4" Birch plywood

6. One sheet of 1/2" Birch Plywood

7. One bottle of Titebond 3 glue

8. Two wall sconces

9. A dimmer and cover plate

10. A towel warmer

11. two grab bars

12. Dryer vent flex hose and coupling clamps

13. Out to Loew's with my wife tonight, and she bought a bathroom faucet.

14. One quart of Baer white primer.

15. Some select pine for the cabinet.

Not much photography this month--we are having our bathroom gutted and redone, and I got to build an in-wall cabinet with shelves. But, nobody said we could report only camera gear!
Nikon D7000 + 28-300 lens from Adorama (back ordered).

I know, blasphemy!

RD-1, NEX-5, FM3A and soon D7000
Picking up tomorrow at lunch a Yashica FR-II with 50mm ML 1.9 I found on Craigslist to mate up with the Contax 137 MD I got on the classifieds here from Greyscale. Pending pickup is a Yashica 50mm ML 1.4 also found on Craigslist if the guy ever tells me when to meeti him to pick it up. Lately I seem to be overrun with good Yashica stuff to buy. This will go together with a mint Electro 35 GS I literally picked out of a pawn shop dumpster and sent to Mark Hama for a fix up (spotless lens and now works great!), and my 124 Mat-G which is enroute to Mark fo a full tuneup. This assemblage should use up everything but enough $ to get an order off to Freestyle for B&W fodder and chemicals for the bunch.
A Gordy wrist strap arrived last week. About 6 weeks ago a MS Optical 35/3.5 Perar. Only other purchase this year has been a Panasonic GF1, my first dabble with digital.
the Panasonic Lumix electronic LVF finder for my D-Lux5

The last big purchases have been a big box of paper, a couple of hundred feet of Tri-X (dressed as Arista Premium), an original Olympus Mju in mint condition for $10, a couple of Hasselblad filters, and the big prize - a Pentax DA15/4 lens, which came about because 1. I've really liked the pics in the 21 Super Angulon thread and this is the closest I can come to that FoV, and 2. the rise in the Aussie dollar against the greenback (to $1.01!) coincided with a drop in B&H's price and a relative making a trip from the US to Oz. That lot should keep me going until the X-100 arrives! :)
100' roll of Arista 400asa
100' roll of Legacy 100asa

Nikkor 50mm f1.4 ltm.
Mamaya to Canon EOS lens mount converter.
ChrisN, congrats on the new Pentax 4/15mm DA, as you've seen it's a very fine performer!

I just had a flurry of activity in the RFF Classifieds, swapping a Nikon S3-2000 + CV28SC + $$$ for an M9, arranging a couple of filters from Cindy, and a 2.8/35mm C-Biogon ZM from Sug. Now I need to be "done" for a while!