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Contax I(F) c1936
Photo by L David Tomei
🕐 02-24-24 13:38boojum wrote:
Just beautiful
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Abe Frajndlich presenting in Munich his photo of the Rolling Stones
Photo by mnutzer
🕐 02-22-24 08:56mnutzer wrote:
Thanks Robert - all photo exhibitions at the Bavarian Chamber of Insurances in Munich are extremely worth seeing.
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Motion blur
Photo by MV72
🕐 02-18-24 14:19daveoo wrote:
Yes I know but this is beautiful to me. I would hang this shot on my wall.
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Hanalei Sunset
Photo by Doug
🕐 02-18-24 14:18daveoo wrote:
Nice result with tonalities.
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Photo by Harrejesus
🕐 02-18-24 14:14daveoo wrote:
Agree. I like the two subjects mode of transportation.
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Centreville Beach
Photo by rhl-oregon
🕐 02-18-24 14:12daveoo wrote:
Rob-F wrote:
Dramatic cinematic, just right.

Agree, beautiful.
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90mm Summicron Pensacola Beach
Photo by raid
🕐 02-18-24 07:57raid wrote:
Rob-F wrote:
Striking composition and color. Everything is just right.

Thank you, Rob. I appreciate your feedback.
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Threave Castle #2
Photo by sar-photo
🕐 02-18-24 07:06Rob-F wrote:
Nice use of the square format. Well seen and composed.
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Three Towers
Photo by barnwulf
🕐 02-18-24 06:59Rob-F wrote:
Good use of grain, barely visible, melting into the image. Well done.
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No title
Photo by bk1970
🕐 02-18-24 06:56Rob-F wrote:
Nice use of film grain that is partly melting into and accentuating sharp detail in the subject; and also partly visible and striking.
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