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Photo - 1787
Photo by Brambling
🕐 06-12-24 05:06Brambling wrote:
Richard G wrote:
This is special. We take beauty and brains and hope for granted, but there are parts of the world still, or again, where this application to study would be anathema. Terrible I even think of that.

Oh, I'm glad that such a random and chaotic arrangement of pixels leads to such deep and philosophical thoughts.
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Photo - 3093
Photo by Brambling
🕐 06-12-24 05:03Brambling wrote:
Yokosuka_Mike wrote:
This image is insperational! Well done!

Thank you, I really liked that early exit.
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Half Dome
Photo by brusby
🕐 06-11-24 13:57Richard G wrote:
Wonderfully brooding depiction of an iconic subject.
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Hyde Park, Sydney #761
Photo by lynnb
🕐 06-11-24 07:35pseudobreccia wrote:
Nice composition!
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Photo by Doug
🕐 06-10-24 05:09lynnb wrote:
My house is about that big...
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San Simeon, CA
🕐 06-10-24 05:07lynnb wrote:
Nice shot Bill. You were there on a much more atmospheric day than I was in 1979.
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Hurricane Gordon M8 Hologon
Photo by raid
🕐 06-09-24 11:35raid wrote:
Thank you!
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Photo 263523
Photo by Ko.Fe.
🕐 06-09-24 07:17robert blu wrote:
Much energy here, well done!
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Nikkor 21 4, F2
Photo by raid
🕐 06-09-24 07:16raid wrote:
robert blu wrote:
wow, what a camera! Yours?

Yes, it is my F2. I love ❤️ using it at times.
It is a rock solid photo machine.
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The Valley Isle
Photo by Doug
🕐 06-08-24 20:38Rob-F wrote:
That is quite a special picture!
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