What have you just BOUGHT?

Well, the wife and I bought iPhones. Now I know what a dropped call is. :bang:

On the plus side, the game Angry Birds is filling in the time I should be working.
I just ordered today lens hood for my Rolleiflex.

Also I might order one for Minolta 7sII and the other Rokkors as well.
Too much !

Rolleiflex D
Rolleiflex Tele
Fuji GW 690iii
Sherpa Doggie carrier for Hugo
Tickets for me and the pooch to Seattle and then Salyalita
If I had a GF none of this would have happened... :eek:
Near mint Olympus OM-4 with Zuiko 50/1.4. A nice occasion to check all what they say about Zuiko lenses. We'll see.
Another Ricoh GX200 from a friend of mine.
Seventy rolls of RR100, 20 rolls Portra (35mm and 120), Kentmere paper, Kodak RA4 paper, assorted chemicals, more spare enlarger bulbs - and a Parallel laser alignment tool for checking the enlargers every now and then. Now I don't mind if we have rainy evenings all Winter.
In September, I got my M5, which was almost immediately shipped to Sherry. In October, my Nokton 35mm f1.4. I wanted to spring for another M5 but had a serious conversation with Our Lady of the Checkbook, patron saint of bank accounts and future estates, and she advised to wait on that one. :)
Last week I bought a 21mm 3.4 Super Angulon lens from a seller on Craigslist who was asking $800. I ended up buying it, the hood and Leica finder for $750.
Last night I developed my first roll, which was shot entirely using this lens. Film was Legacy Pro 400 (Fuji Neopan 400). So far, I've only seen the negatives, but I was really impressed by the sharpness of this lens.
Following a recent discussion here, another TEWE finder (35-200mm this time) as I happened to stumble on a very clean bargain.
I'm still watching for a TEWE 28-135. :) I'd setting for a 35-? but have yet to see either in person.

I'm picking up 4 bulk rolls of Pan F 50 tonight. I doubt it was stored well, but hey, its iso 50... and cheap. Worth a roll of the dice.
A 1935 Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F2, coated optics. In a non-focusing enlarger mount.


I remounted all the optics to use it on a Camera. $20.
Nikon D7000. Been waiting for it for a while... gave away my D50, so as to inspire necessity. It's good to have one dslr around. Then I bought a Nikon 28/2... I guess just to prove how good the 28 cron really is ;)

No RF stuff for a while–I've been super happy with my line-up since I got a cv 15.

So just the nikon, plus plenty of E-6 from my Rollei.
I'm still watching for a TEWE 28-135.

Do these even exist? There was a (inferior) Paxette Polyfocus finder that is often claimed to be 28-135 in literature, but that may be a misreading carried on from author to author. Mine at least turned out to be 35-135 - on deeper consideration, anything wider would have been a bit surprising given that the initial Paxette wide was 38mm (maybe early finders matched that, starting at 38mm and that figure was misread as 28mm later on) and that there never was a lens wider than 35mm made for it.
Finished off my collection of Nikon SLR's by buying yet another F3, and several black Nikkormats. I need to focus now on light seal replacements as well as picture-taking.

I really enjoyed searching eBay and Craiglist for good buys. I'll miss this.