W/NW: Trains and Train Stations

Just a quick snap as I was burning a test roll in my new-to-me $60 Kiev 4M. It was a very hazy late afternoon so I had the 'ol Jupiter-12 opened to about f4. Kodak Gold 200 film.

spijker, your photos of Gare du Nord bring up an old memory, thanks! In June 1964 I was transferred from USAF duty in Turkey back to USA and took 10 days' leave in Paris. I stayed in a hotel at Place des Ternes near Triomphe. At the end of my time there the airport was out on strike. Air passengers on our flight were messaged to gather at Place de la Concorde from which we were bussed to Gare du Nord to catch a train to Brussels airport. At the time, my attention was fixed on getting onto the train in good order.... but I remember the ornate facade.