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Photo - 1868
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-09-24 13:37 wrote:
This is a beautiful image. It reminds me of one winter day we spent in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and our room had such a view. Just awesome.
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Photo - 2004785
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-18-23 12:30 wrote:
Excellent framing, it's all about shapes, tones light and shadow!
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Photo - 2004784
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-18-23 12:29 wrote:
It's a nice joyful series, I specially like this photo because of the way you framed it. And the eyes of the girl in foreground are really calling the viewer attention!
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Photo - 2004671
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-17-23 08:24j.scooter wrote:
Thank you Mlehrman!
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The Mountain and The Moon
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-07-23 10:14 wrote:
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Photo - 2004698
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-07-23 07:02 wrote:
Great composition. I imagine it as a squat vertical rectangle giving a speech in front of the horizontal rectangle masses. Well seen!
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Photo 2004069
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 02-02-23 11:47 wrote:
Ooh, the tropics! where color exists every day. Great to see this expression from you, after such dedication to M3 work in BW Canada.
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Photo 2003961
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 01-17-23 13:33 wrote:
Love the colours and the softness...a dreamy look
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Photo by j.scooter
🕐 06-01-22 17:45 wrote:
The gaze of a daughter coming to terms with the world beyond home. I wish her well in that difficult discipline.
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Photo: 2002348
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 04-29-22 15:10 wrote:
This one seems most essential, if only speaking as a Downbeat subscriber who has seen every variant of “Look at me with my gleaming sax.” The emphasis is on the horn and hands and the grit of atmosphere.
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