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Photo - 2004671
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-17-23 08:24j.scooter wrote:
Thank you Mlehrman!
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Photo: 2002170
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 04-11-22 15:55j.scooter wrote:
Thanks Lynn.
The ice was still pretty solid then a couple weeks ago, probably something that blew in or was thrown in from shore.
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Photo 2000870
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 12-13-21 17:29j.scooter wrote:
Thanks Santino
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Photo 304913
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 08-25-21 05:20j.scooter wrote:
Thank you Shab
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Cranberry Lake. Whidbey Island, Washington.
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🕐 08-23-21 16:26j.scooter wrote:
It would be great if you would combine both of these shots to make a panorama.
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GCL & son
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🕐 06-22-21 18:19j.scooter wrote:
Such a intimate capture of sweet and tender moment.
Very well done Robert
I am really enjoying your project
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Photo 303901
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 06-09-21 07:06j.scooter wrote:
Hi Robert. Very kind of you to say! I am glad you like it and am honoured.
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Learmonth's Barn - Father & Son Diptych
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🕐 06-07-21 12:30j.scooter wrote:
Really like these shots and the story behind it.
It is really cool that you and your son can share a passion.

Thanks for sharing the results with us.
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Photo 303682
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🕐 05-18-21 06:22j.scooter wrote:
Yin and Yang :)
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Photo 303645
Photo by j.scooter
🕐 05-11-21 18:27j.scooter wrote:
Thanks Robert
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