What have you just BOUGHT?

I just got an early Leica CL body for a decent price (around $330). It turned out to be in close to mint condition and the meter works after all (the seller wasn't sure). Seems like a steal actually. I always wanted a CL, and now it'll have to do as a replacement for my M6 that I stupidly sold a while ago. Yes, the framelines are cluttered and odd, but it's a nice, light-weight M-mount.
lukitas, I'm fairly sure that if looks could kill, you'd be dead...

Anyway, this week I bought a Nikon AH-3 tripod adapter, a Nikon MC12A remote release, both for my F301 and a Tamron lens hood designed specifically for my 28mm 02B lens. This hood is a bit disappointing as they made it out of plastic for some silly reason. A rubber hood can be folded back over the lens when the lens is stored and a metal hood gives decent bump protection when in use, but a plastic hood can do neither of these things. I'm just glad I'd bought the wide-angle metal hood earlier.
1000' of B&W film plus some chemicals. Freestyle gave me 10% off on film, so it made sense to stock up. Ten rolls of color film from somewhere else -- thought I was getting double packs, but my wife will use it. Sold an M2 (had too many of those), a 35mm Summilux aspherical and 90mm elmarit. Don't like asphericals as much on B&W film, and don't use the 90 focal length. Voigtlander keeps tempting me with their super fast lenses, because .. well, why not. Someday, maybe.
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This is a Fuji Instax Wide printer; it’s designed to print photos from your smartphone using an app on your phone.

There‘s also an Instax Mini printer, which uses the Mini film.

A lot of these I’ve seen in the stores are the Mocha Gray version; I chose to get the Ash White version on Amazon, which cost about $125 instead of the usual $150 when found in stores.

The printer connects to your phone by Bluetooth and lets you select a photo or even multiple photos if you want to create a collage. Not obvious are the image editing controls the app gives you, not only brightness, contrast, saturation, but you can crop, rotate, add text, and many other options.

Among the settings is a choice for natural color or a more vivid color. I chose natural color, but the choice for vivid color might make flowers or other colorful subjects look more realistic and less muted in the print.

It works really well, the image quality is excellent, and it’s very easy to go through packs of film printing out your photos.

This week I bought a Mamiya M645 1000S with 80mm f2.8 and pds prism finder S. I had trouble getting the meter display to come on. The battery check light did, once properly and a couple of times dimly. I was going to get a new battery to see if that helps, but after taking off the prism to do a bit of cleaning of the bottom of the prism and both sides of the focusing screen, now that I put the prism back on, the check light comes on and the meter display comes on when I press the correct buttons? Im not absolutely sure I've put the prism on properly as there is a tiny amount of play when I put light pressure on the top back of the prism. Nearly forgot to mention the (from what I gather almost "traditional") thin, pale dark horizontal line has appeared in the viewfinder since took it off the camera.


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Dear Board,

A Tamron Adapt all-2 300mm f2.8 with a well-worn case, all the filters, and 1.4X and 2X TC's. Along with a couple different Adapt-all mounts its now usable on all my film SLR's.


Tim Murphy :)

My goal is to never be a top contributer to this particular thread!

But I've lapsed this month: First by purchasing a book:
And most recently, by agreeing to purchase a Salyut-S outfit, and a broken one at that. Can I fix it? Dunno. And even if I do manage to resurrect it, why bother when I've already successfully rebuilt a Hasselblad 500c outfit just last year? Just like ad campaigns aimed at keeping kids away from narcotics, maybe there ought to be one about dangers of boredom + online shopping.
Picked up this little Ic from the London Photographica camera fair on Sunday to act as a rear cap for my 21mm Skopar:

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Finished a test roll today but didn't get time to develop it. The shutter is running incredibly smoothly and quietly, so hopefully all is good!
Shutter dial modified to make a cam for shoe mounted flash sync? Looks like it gives you more room to reach the dial with finder in place.