Weekend Photography Plans: What are you up to?

Heading out to the Valley of Fire (outside of Las Vegas) this weekend on my motorcycle. Will mount the Nikon 50/1.4 Millennium lens on my M10 via an Amadeo adapter. Haven't shot this combo before though I loved this lens on my M8 looooong ago.
Last weekend there were sailing regattas on Lake Constance.
Since I could only take pictures from the shore, the old Canon R 8.0-500mm mirror lens with the appropriate adapter by Novoflex came in front of the Leica M10-P.
This set was supported by a Gitzo monopod.
Light was so bright that 1/4000 sec was used throughout with the auto ISO setting.
My last "weekend" was a two week trip to parts of Switzerland and Italy. Leica M10 with Zeiss Sonnar 5cm 1.5 and Leica Lux 35/1.4.
Another weekend is about to start! If the severe thunderstorms finally end and we get some better weather, I will try to take some photos. Another "project" would be to download the photos from our recent trip to Europe.
What are your weekend plans?
Shot and developed a 120 roll of Acros 100...it's hanging to dry as of this post...
Shot with the Mamiya C220 and I got to use the three lenses I have for it.
Nothing exciting going on in this part of the world. I just finished developing a roll, used it to test these lenses (swapped between and SRT and a Spotmatic). Let's see if I got anything interesting.

My weekend plans!

Where do I begin? A trip to Sin city for a Swedish massage? That would be a good start!

But, it is more likely that I will wander around Yokohama with a camera in my hand looking for interesting things to photograph.

Lunch? Yes, a gourmet lunch is an absolute necessity! Drinks??? Yes, yes, yes! At the end of the day and no sooner.

Thus, my weekend plan has been solidified.

All the best,
Maybe a few Father’s Day family snaps. And a little time on a new tumblr journal of my venture into color photography. Otherwise, a busy weekend with little free time. Enjoy, everyone.

That 120 roll of Acros turned out pretty nice...I'm gonna set up my darkroom and do some printing today...but first a shower now that I'm back from a bike ride...