The Making of Cosina Voigtlander

Interesting to see how comparatively low tech and hands on the process still is. The Leica mount ones are good lenses though in my experience.
When I worked for Leica I visited the old factory in Wetzlar many times. It too had very manual processes and the old wooden floor was so clean you could eat off it.
In those days camera and microscope lenses were all made in the same plant. Some of the glass was very expensive and took a lot of time to make.
The Wild factory in Heerbrugg (Switzerland) made stereo and surgical microscopes as well as survey gear. It too had a lot of highly skilled workers who manually worked each piece.
On a recent visit to the new Wetzlar factory I was only able to walk around the outside of the clean rooms and look through windows at the workers. Still all manual and there is real pride in the work. Many staff members are involved in measuring components at all stages of manufacture.
Probably explains the Leica prices.
Happy New Year to you all