Super Angulon R 21mm .....can I adapt this two a film M


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7:51 AM
May 9, 2009
I have an R8.....I'm considering a Super Angulon R 21 F/4 or possibily 3.4. I have a Leica adapter R to M. IT seems to me the F3.4 with its projection in the back would not be compatibily but it seems they do work. I hear the different ones are similar optic formulars.

Any thoughts so I don't go and make a big mistake!
Yes, with the correct R to M adapter your R 21 mm, either version, will work but you won’t have rangefinder focusing. You’ll have to estimate distance but that’s not too difficult. There’s no focusing cam to couple to the M rangefinder on R lenses.

You can not use the M 21mm on your R. The back focus is too short.

I don’t know the lens formulas for R lenses but that’s a non issue.
Do not buy the R mount 3.4 version, it won't work on your R8. That lens required full time mirror lock up on the original Leicaflex.

The F4 version has no limitation like that but you will need to make sure you get a 3cam version for the R8.

Either should be fine on a film M but it would be silly to buy a lens that won't work on the R8.
The 21/3.4R is optcally the same as the M version but focusses much closer (~20cm I think). It only works on the original Leicaflexes with mirror lock-up though. It has a large diameter hood (hard to find on its own) and odd, equally large filter.