Show us your SLR ..... WHAT?


The best camera is one that still works!
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May 5, 2006
In an unprecedentedly stupid move I have decided to start a thread called 'Show us your SLR' ... on a rangefinder forum!

Call me crazy ... call me what you want ... but like that K-tel 'Party Hits From Yesteryear' LP hiding in your record collection ... it's who you are! So come on, don't be ashamed, show us! :p
I let all my cameras co-mingle:

Slightly dated photo: the Kiev is in the UK at the moment.
Canon f1n with 35mm lens

Canon f1n with 35mm lens

This thing is just a beast but it rides along with my M3 most times.


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This is what I really like about you Keith. You go out and buy an M8, but your still willing to put it down and play with a folder from FSU. Pick up the blue FED 2 and shoot with it for awhile. Now your like a kid in a candy store over a Canon AE-1p :eek: :D I simply love it. I'm glad I got one already because your enthuesiam is making me wan't to get mine out and play.
Unfortunately all I have right now is a really poor phone cam for the digital thing :bang: :bang: :bang:

NTL, here's my 99.999% of the time SLR. A T90 with a 50/1.4 (and the 300TL flash) is a combination that is just about as good as it gets. I got this one silly cheap ($99) due to a very easy to fix issue with the DOF preview... :cool: There are only a small handful of cameras that I feel are on this level and even then it's so subjective that it's painful. Still, I love it and wish it had stayed in production much longer rather than serve as the non-AF prototype of the EOS cameras.



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Some of my F's. Not all of them... the F3T and F4 anf F5 not shwoing... and the Kiev 19 is missing too!
No, I'm not a colector.. I just have been using them allong my life:) .. and I just can't get departed from them :eek:... I know, it doesn't make sense.... :bang:

Luv the look of the AE-1 Keith!:D


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I still like using these! my M6 travels with me though. SLR's are just to big, the ones i have anyway!


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My favorite of small crop of SLRs (includes the AE-1 and the AE-1P). My FM3-A sporting the 55/2.8 and the MD-12 winder.



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nobbylon said:
I still like using these! my M6 travels with me though. SLR's are just to big, the ones i have anyway!
Dunno why, but those R8's always remind me of the lumbering aliens in "The fifth element"...
Rover, that rokkor 58/1.2 is said to be a magic lens.
Have any wide open photos to show us?

Anyway - here is one of my slr's - the bigger one :D


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