Post Your Film Images Here

I'll bite...from the mean streets of San Francisco using my Olympus XA4 & Arista Premium @1600.

Neopan 1600, Leica M6, 28mm 2.8
Here is another type, backayard hero.


This is literally my film image :)
Ihagee Iltrix Simplex (approx. 1932) folder.
Shanghai GP3 100 film.
Was first picture ever taken (few days ago) with camera like this by one of our daughters.
I'm not sure if I could have done this with digital:

Light / Shadow by Elektrojänis, on Flickr

The dynamics between the light parts and the shadows were quite extreme. I probably exposed it a bit too generously, but I can still see some wood grain on the beams on the right where the sun shines on them.


Film: Tri-X
Camera: Yashica-Mat EM
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