Our Street Photography . . . Post yours!

at the Alishan Train Station ( elevation 7,270 ft ) 阿里山 車站,

Jia-yi County, southern Taiwan

Street Dancers and tourists from China

Img by Taipei-metro

Canon EOS T4i,
Canon Lens 18-55
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Main Street - Trinidad, Colorado

Nice! Gr3x processed with DXO raw3?

How you find the process ed file output especially in low iso?
That was with DXO PhotoLab 5, not with the standalone PureRaw - so more of a full end-to-end RAW processor and not just the AI noise reduction software. I like PL a lot, but one thing I have realized is that by default Ricoh DNGs don't look great in it (like they didn't use to look good in Lightroom, but Adobe finally added camera color profiles to their subscription software, something my old LR6 doesn't have). I recommend buying separate color profiles and installing them in DXO's folders so you don't have to fight with colors.

DXO does most things quite well. I used to not really like the way it rendered JPEGs if there was any grain in the RAW file; there's just something preferable to me in the way Lightroom leaves a bit of the grain. But I've grown to like DeepPrime NR, I usually use a pretty low strength of around 20-25, unless the lay quite high ISO, in which case I'll go up to 35-40, but not higher.