OEM shade for 21f4 Color Skopar,....


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11:09 PM
Oct 14, 2022
Hi all, new guy here.
My usual go-to lens for several years now has been my black 21mm f4 Color Skopar and it has proved to be a good choice for my screw mounts. A few weeks back though I took a tumble and put a crimp in the small OEM shade that the lens came with. I'd like to replace it but Cameraquest won't ship internationally so I have to search elsewhere,...
Thanks in advance!
LTM version? I can at least let you know that the shapeways lens shade won't fit on the LTM version. Only one way to find out about that....I have an unused shade in back of my cupboard..:confused:
I'll get back to you.... i may have a spare.
Please send me a PM i may have one that would work for you. ....& yes is yours the LTM or M version?