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Phil, I’ve found most Olivettis have that mushy feel. But the Studio 44 (and the mechanically equivalent Olivetti Underwood 21) are an exception; very pleasant to type on.

I have a Middleburn 5-hole CD 26T in “Hard-Coat.” The hard-coat is some form of hard anodize that makes Middleburn chainrings some of the most enduring and long lasting.

The condition is almost new. It must of been mounted on one of my bikes for a very short time. Perhaps only a trial run.

For a trials bike 30 inch gear is the way to go.

56 and 58 BCD are “compact drive”. Suntour invented it with 56 BCD then Shimano took it and ran with 58 BCD, just enough change that one needed to use Shimano rings, but not so much that a 20t granny wasn’t possible. If I use a 58 BCD ring, I’m going to be enlarging the mounting holes by 1.3mm towards the BB spindle to fit the ring on my crankset which is a 56/94 BCD unit. I have a Surly 94 BCD 30 tooth stainless ring which will be perfect for a potential 26 tooth. Funny thing is that I can find 26 tooth rings in 74 BCD all day long; I actually have two of them. The problem is that the smallest 110 BCD chainring available is a 33 tooth. I’ve thought about going up to 28/32 on the compact drive crankset, but that will add a couple gear inches. Maybe. I will say though, if this is the most serious issue that presents itself, life is pretty dang good.
JoeV, I’ve always wanted to find a nice Studio 44 because Ive heard they had a better feel than the 22/32. I can’t ask perfection from an ultra portable.

Should I put the Middleburn 26T CD chainring in the mail?

Your explanation between 56 and 58 BCD makes sense to me. I took notice that I have both BCD’s in 20T.

The 26T in fact is likely a 58 BCD. That explains the difference between Suntour and the CD spiders I have from Middleburn.

If you want I can send you a 20T 56 BCD that is titanium and purple anodized. It will fit directly on the Suntour XC Pro cranks.

BTW a 20T chainring with a 16T Freewheel with give you exactly a 30 inch gear with a 24 inch rear wheel.

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Was able to fit in an hour ride. In the morning there was a thunderstorm, pelting rain.

On my ride the sky was darkening and another thunderstorm happened, but I made it home just before the rain started.

It is pleasant setting up a guitar shop in my living room with an amp. Kinda nice and home-E not having to deal with woman-factor and littering the space with gear.

I also parked my Ti Basso Newsboy in the hallway for tomorrow’s ride. No rain expected so likely long slow distance to build some base.

Today I kept the bike in the top three gears and did some standing to stay on top of the gears on the rolling hills. A little bit of strength training.

Cal, I’m going to keep looking, thanks. I have a hankering to drill out a 26t Suntour freewheel cog to 56BCD. I actually have plenty of those and they are hardened steel. I have a few 20t and 22t cogs in 56BCD, thanks.
The spring Striped Bass run is around April 1st till about Memorial Day.

There is a notched sizing to protect juveniles and the bigger mature bass. 18-28 inches can be keepers. This is a good eating size.

Night fishing is productive, but dawn and dusk can be too especially with tide.

Know the Hudson River water in Peekskill is brackish.

I have to go to buy some leaders, hooks, and lures.

Know that I also have a 5 weight fly rod which would be very light for salt water, but is kinda heavy for fresh water. Hmmm…

No bike riding today because of Canadian forest fire fallout. The entire day was like early dawn all day. I could smell the smoke that hovered like a ground fog. I drove to LaGuardia to pick up ”Maggie” from the airport. The city looked ear-E.

I worked on my raised garden bed to disguise the bonus height of my cedar fence with topper to avoid violating the building code. Don’t tell the City of Peekskill, but the topper adds 13 1/2 inches to a 5 foot fence so technically I still am in violation. Pretty much I think I can get away with it because it looks great.

As a kid I got away with a lot of stuff because of good looks. Now as an old man I figure I can still do cute things and still get away with it.

The raised bed disguises the pitch of the driveway, and looks rustic because of the bleached cedar. I think Maggie will like the rustic subdued look that blends into the background. Painting it white to match the fence would draw too much attention. I screwed everything together for durability.

My friend A.J. mentioned that the vintage car prices of 30’s and 40’s cars are down as an older generation dies off. Next is 50’s and 60’s. Perhaps muscle cars will stay hot and perhaps early “Pony-Cars.”

For me I’m cool with building a new/old truck just on economics and styling. I don’t like crew cabs and I think of pickup trucks as having just two doors and no extended cab. For about $30K I can build a new/old truck with a new engine, drivetrain, rear axel, and 4 wheel disc brakes. This is a lot less costly than a modern “bloated” truck.

I also like having 4-bolt main and forged crank durability, as well as 444 foot-lbs of torque using regular gas. I forgot the double overdrive and close ratio 4-speed.

The air quality is so bad that public schools are closed in Yonkers. Maggie’s daughter and son-inlaw are both educators. I get a bonus vacation from childcare.

I bought some 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce jigs. Bought some 65 pound test braid, and some 30 pound and 40 pound leaders. I learned that my conventional reel has no clicker, so it really can’t be used for live lining or bunker chunking. It pretty much is a specialty reel for casting only. I’m cool with that.

It’s been more than 20 years since I fished, but back in the day I was a pin-hooker and was considered a sharpie who always caught more than his share of fish. Let’s see if I sill have the magic.

I stripped the monofilament off the casting reel and replaced it with braid. Now I’m ready to wet the line.

Had to review fishing knots I have not used in 25 or so years. Uniknot, bloodknot, perfection loop, and a few others.

”Maggie” agreed with me that the raised driveway bed should remain sun bleached natural cedar for blending in. Glad I don’t have to paint.

Laying low with the forest fire fallout. Did a little house cleaning. At least the sky is blue today.

I have been using nasal saline solution to flush out my sinuses. Seems to help prevent drip and sneezing. Vitamin “C” drops to prevent coughing attacks.

Glad that the house has the mini-split as a form of life support. They say what NYC is experiencing is New Delhi every day. Considering buying a big floor standing air purifier as another form of life support That will filter out particulate and aerosols.

Air quality is an issue for us all, but especially babies, kids, and older adults.

In China when they have smog and dust storms they predict rather huge spikes in CV and lung disease as well as Cancer in the future.

To pass the time I am saving money by exploiting cheap Chinese labor, where I am doing the manual labor of hand tying rigs. I have this “Teaser” rig that allows a second hook where it encourages double hook-ups. The nice thing about this rig is that it exploits a Bloodknot in a manner that uses an elongated “tag” end as a right angle standoff to impart some action and to prevent tangles. Much-clever.

I am stockpiling these rigs in a zip-lock bag without hooks to save time on a beach or shore. Not only do I save money, but also time.

In the stock market they say over time that 10% of all traders concentrate wealth from the 90% that are losers. The same is true for fishing where they say that 10% of fisherman catch 90% of the fish.

One way to do this is not wasting opportunity by saving time not having to rig on location. Also know that I can’t really buy what I make. I like long leaders, I favor lighter leaders also that catch less weed and provide better action, but they are less durable. I might have to change a rig after landing say a Bluefish with its sharp teeth or after a battle with a large fish.

The cost of the materials is pretty low, and store bought rigs are not the best and are costly. Kinda overbuilt for a light tackle guy like me.

Then I tie swivels with long leaders to use for my version of a fish-finder rig. I like light sinkers for better feel, and I don’t mind if my bait gets swept by a current. I figure it simulates drifting in a boat where my bait covers ground. Also know my casting reel lacks a “clicker” so pretty much this is not for a rig that gets sand-spiked, this is for an active fisherman.

Might have to get another setup that can throw heavier weights that could be used for live lining, sand-spiking, or chunking.

Did some research on “Circle” hooks: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I also compared them to the standard “J” hooks I normally fish. The strike is very different for hook-ups. Live and learn.

I bought these tiny swivels that are stainless steel, but also are black. They are 50 pound test and smaller than my old school swivels from back in the day. I kinda like using less terminal gear for simplicity, for approach, and for less is more saving benefit.

For a few dollars for the raw materials, and my free labor, I get superior results. Two 50 yard spools of 30 lb. and 40 lb. Test Ande leader and a small zip-lock bag of 50 lb. swivels for about $20.00 builds me over 50 rigs without hooks for about 40 cents a piece.

I’m going to Best Buy to see if I can buy an air purifier. If I can’t get one there, the Home Cheapo.

Cal, make sure you’re getting a miltistage HEPA filter that filters down to smaller than .3 microns or else you’re wasting money on what is really an expensive fan. Most of the filters on the market will simply pass all this smoke right through and will just catch visible dust and lint. One of these days I’m going to invest in a filter which is going to run me $600 but I know the air in my house will be fully allergen and irritant free.


Your right about the $600.00 mark. This can handle 800 square feet, and I figure each floor of my house is at best 650 square feet. I have a bit of a buffer for overkill.

I found out from Jack HVAC that if I add filtration to my mini-split that it kills efficiency, and it is best to just but a stand alone air purifier. The restriction caused by the filtration is where the loss comes from.

My local Best Buy was all sold out, but I am getting one delivered tomorrow. I can see/predict that’s a shortage is coming for air purifiers already.

The reports are that in Canada they are only fighting the fires that involve owned property and letting wilderness burn. The fires will persist. National Geographic reports that with global warming the trend exists for fire seasons to persist. Basically this will be the new normal. We seemed to have hit a tipping point of sorts.

“Maggie” has an allergic asthma.

I went to this hole in the wall sandwich shop on Route 202 that makes its own smoked meat. They also have great fries.

$40.00 for two hero’s and two orders of fries. The sandwiches are like driving to Philly and getting sandwiches at Terminal Market. They are that great.

Three guys were on line before me that were fishermen, they had some serious fishing kayaks loaded in a bed of a truck and also on a small trailer. Pretty fancy rigs. These kayaks had registration numbers on their bows because they were powered by electric trolling motors.

These kayaks were specialized for fishing and were only for one person. Perfect for me.

Know that in Peekskill the Hudson River is wide and at this point the river is said to have a bay. Just north of Peekskill the river gets narrow, and West Point is a defensive natural choke point where the river is nit so wide. Understand that West Point is across the river from Garrison which is not far away.

These fishermen raved about how stable these Kayaks are. One had a casting platform. They say they fish even in Rare-it-ton Bay which I believe is by the Statute Of Liberty. These rigs were a bit bloated for me. Not sure I would want all the electronics like a Lorance fish finder, GPS, and other frills.

I looked into some of the bigger brands that had flippers (Hobie) and props that were pedal driven (Old Town). I would want a stable platform which means wider, but I want something not too heavy. The longer length kayaks are better for speed than stability also…

The one kayak was in the bed of a crew cab pickup. 180 pounds without gear and extras and batteries, but the ones I’m interested in are man powered and hover between 75-150 pounds. I can see how the C-10 could be loaded with a kayak with the tailgate down. I want a kayak I can lift that weighs less than me.

There is a discontinued Hobie “Revolution” 16 that is appealing to me. This kayak is long and and because of that it is speedy. Not the widest though. One complaint criticism is that it isn’t the driest kayak.

Consider an inflatable. Check out the Sea Eagle 437PS or the older 435PS. We have a 435PS. It’s registered because I want to paddle (or sail) across the Delaware and tie up next to BB-62. The registration also allows me to take the boat into any North American waterway.
Anyway, the Sea Eagle is extremely rugged, highly modular and very lightweight. It is very stable and almost impossible to scuttle. Ours holds myself, Bethanne and a days worth of lunch, snacks, water, cameras… it has a rating of 660lbs I think. The really cool thing is that it fits in the back of our Ford Fiesta and is aeveral inches longer than the car itself. We got it used off-season last year for leas than half retail which also included the usually expensive 2 meter sail kit. Sea Eagle makes the RHIBs that the USCG and USN so they know what they are doing and the durability of the 435 feels on par with small boats we used for VBSS duties in the Navy. I think total weight is about 50lbs which includes the pump and paddles. The modular yoke system allows me to fully customize the boat according to use, which may include a motor one day, we’ll see. My parents have a 435PS and have used it most months out of the year since 2014, they love it.
My $.02 on the issue of personal boats.

I want a kayak that weighs about 100 pounds rigged. Nothing bloated. Man powered, and I seem to like/prefer either the Hobie and Old Town for their peddle propulsion systems.

Don’t forget that the primary purpose is for fishing, next for exercise.


I looked into the 437 and it is a cool rig. The size and capacity is more than I need. I like how it compresses into a small bundle and can be inflated in 10 minutes, but a 74 pound Hobie for me is more convenient and I think would get used more because it does not need setup and takedown.

Thanks for pointing out the option.

This weekend I was on the Jersey Shore. I tried out my new surf rod combo and had mucho difficulties with bird’s nests. It seemed I lost my magic touch, and it was frustrating.

I thought about the physics. The longer rod accelerates faster than a shorter rod and the added leverage means a higher spool RPM that I could not control.

At a local bait and tackle I ended up buying a 7 foot Fenwick HMG graphite rod that is made for 3/4 ounce to 3 ounce. After yesterday’s complete failure I tried the casting reel on the shorter rod, and everything became EZ-PZ with no overruns or tangles. The rod and reel combo is well matched and balanced. This rod has “legs” and will serve for bottom fishing, casting, and for heavier lures and baits.

The surf rod is really for a spinning reel, so that will be the next purchase.

The guy behind the counter, Brandon, became my friend, and he had a Hobie fishing kayak in the bed of his crew cab truck. I got some education and advice. The turbo fins are longer and were highly recommended by Brandon, and also repeatedly by other online reviewers. Brandon also mentioned that he fishes Rare-IT-tonne Bay frequently.

I asked him if the kayak is stable enough to stand and he said, “Only on un windy days.” Ninety-four pounds rigged. Basically a car topper weight.

So now I have a very great casting setup, and I was able to secure some larger circle hooks and heavier casting tins for inshore fishing.

I will likely buy the 7 1/2 foot long Fenwick HMG graphite spinning rod that is for 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce lures. This lighter action rod will need two spools: one for 15 pound test; and the other 20 pound. The spinning reel I will buy will do double duty for the surf rod and the new Fenwick.

The current model I now favor is called the Hobie Mirage “Outback.”

The Jersey Shore is a relaxed and friendly place. Very well mannered with a high level of politeness that is so unlike New York.

I did feel a bit out of place though. Not many minorities so I kinda stood out like a sore thumb. I did see some Asian girls/women and no blacks or Latinos.

Had to deal with some of “Maggie’s” family who are drunks. This was no fun so I ended up staying to myself when the drinking got deep and heavy. Not the entire family are drunks, but the ones who are are seriously bad drunks That are in a death spiral with health issues.

Not so healthy to experience or to be around. Maggie and I did well in protecting ourselves.

In the end, I had a relaxing good time. Saturday’s dinner was a surf and turf that was wonderfully cooked. I learned a lot about myself, my limits, and my capabilities.

One of Maggie’s brothers is in love with my C-10. He loves the idea of a new/old truck. John loves the OEM body with the patina that he says is “perfect.” To me it is as clean a 1966 C-10 that you could find that is OEM and not restored.