Pennsylvania NYC April Meet-Up in Philly

Which camera?


I believe an early Pen F. This camera has your style.

I observed that is mucho small and compact. It is a very discrete camera unlike one of my "Monsters." LOL.

BTW I was shooting my black Leica SL2-MOT with the chrome 65/3.5 Elmar Viso lens.

Ah, even better Phillipe... very cool.

Ergonomically its the perfect camera for me. Except for the film loading. The base comes off so the cassette drops when loading and you awkwardly need an extra finger to hold it in place. Mine just came back from Nippon but 1/250th is a bit suspect. Also the lens is not as good as on the XA or the Pen F.

I also have a Pen FV purchased from a friendly RFF member from NJ and the 20mm and the 38mm Pancake to go with it. And a bunch of small Pens (D, EE etc) . All purchased with the proceeds of the sale of a single Leica M6.