Nikkor-S 55mm f/1.2 Experiences?

I bought one recently, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I found a relative bargain at $200, and the serial number is not far off from ferider's lens in Post #17. Unfortunately, Nico van Djik's wonderful resource is slowly disappearing, including the page on all the different 55mm f/1.2 types and versions. However, the Internet Archive has a copy, and according to his website, mine is a Version 3 circa 1971-72. Apparently, Nikon made some optical formula changes to lenses of this era:

Important changes were introduced on all lenses with serial numbers over 220001 (produced from August 1971). The optical formula was altered to improve the performance at close focus. The new lenses now bear the inscription 'Nikon'. 'No.' before the serial number disappears. Last known serial number - confirmed by the factory - #240533. All lenses in the 220001-240533 range also received a rounded fork.

Mine received a factory AI conversion somewhere along the way, so I'm able to use it on my Nikon FM2n. Here's the very first image I made with the lens (also the first shot on the roll). :D

Nikon FM2n, Nikkor-S Auto 55mm f/1.2, ORWO N74+, developed in LegacyPro L110 at 1:31 for 6.5 minutes.

2019.03.24 Roll #199-03432-positive.jpg
by dourbalistar, on Flickr