Michigan Michigan RFF group?


Devin Bro
Local time
2:07 PM
Jul 9, 2009
Calling all Michiganders! Is there enough of us here to start a club?

Dont be shy! It could be alot of fun! Just saying :]
I agree, there has got to be more of us in the Greater Lansing/GR area?
I know we have a few members down in the Greater Detroit area.

Im thinking a group of atleast 4-5 Members would make for a good time shooting!
Howell area. Might be interested depending on what the group does. I'm not a fan of the 'photo assignment of the month' type thing. Going on a group shoot and talking it over later over food and drink might be fun.
Bruce, I'm in Owosso
I agree, no photo assignments, just shooting and maybe a couple brews!

Its time to come out of hibernation Michiganders, the weather is getting better!