Light Lens Lab Fixing or CLA

Not sure where you live, Yaacov…but, from what I’ve heard, LLL have contacted at least one US-based camera/lens tech about becoming their repair center here. Not sure what ever became of that, but at least there is some effort in trying to establish service for their beautiful lenses.
I buyed the lens in eBay.
the seller respond to my question about fixing or CLA:

"You can send the item to :
Shoten Kobo Co.,Ltd.
2-203-2 Bunkyodai Meito-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 465-0012

Some one hear about this store/LAB?
If these lenses are Leitz clones they should be easy enough for folks who know Leitz lenses. And I would think any good tech would be able to take these apart and clean them, and then put them together again. This leaves the problem of a defective lens or a broken lens. Does the vendor support the sale? How are spare parts gotten?

It sure seems like a nice series of lenses and what I have seen on Flickr taken by the non-collapsing 35mm looks great for color and IQ. And embarrassment if riches, first Light Lens Lab and now Skyllaney's Bertele. All it takes now is money. They old hang-up. And maybe those old lenses had something that today's perfect computer designed lenses do not. A good J8 is hard to beat.
Per info from the previous posts - the LLL lens elements are larger than the original to prevent people switch the lens elements. Other than that and the focusing helical design (which copied late leica) , LLL lens should be similar to Leica 35mmf2 V1.