Illinois Leica Day at Tamarkin


My M5s need red dots!
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12:33 AM
Jul 30, 2003
I'm sure you all here got an e-mail from Dan Tamarkin about the Leica Day he's having (there used to be similar things at Central Camera, some time ago). I may be going a bit late (leaving DeKalb at noon... cannot do it any earlier). Here's the info:

Leica Day: November 22, from 10 AM to 6 PM
300 West Superior, Suite 202
Chicago IL

Items in the showroom will be for sale tax-free, and Summarit lenses will be sold AT-COST. And photographer Hector Maldonado, who has his work shown at the Rangefinder Gallery, will be present and at some point will talk about his photographs.

I've never been at his store in Chicago, but I did buy a Leica M5 from Tamarkin a few years ago, and it was in beautiful shape. Hence, I'm looking forward to going and perhaps drooling over some film gear. Hope to see you there!
Wish I could make it! I've done business with Dan several times, he's always a pleasure to work with.

Have fun!
We used to have two Leica days a year at the camera shop where I worked. I think the last one was around 2008 when Leica stopped offering us incentives. Usually 10% off anything ordered that day.
They were great fun.
Thank you, Francisco. I'm in the western suburbs and may be in the market for a film M. I did not know about the event and will go for sure. Appreciate the heads-up.

I'm going to try and make this - I've been wanting to see how the T looks in real life.
I'll be there - hopefully between noon and 1 pm.

If we make this an impromptu meeting the green door tavern is less than a block away. Beers and gears.
I'm having second thoughts, lest I go away with something I don't need and can't afford. But maybe I'll resolve to just look. Sounds like a nice event.

Another last call...

I'll be there too, perhaps a bit early. My goal is to get a nice strap for my newly acquired M2. And salivate a little over the Leica offerings (non-digital). I bit of a walk in that area wouldn't be bad, and some well deserved nourishment won't be amiss... ;)

See you there some time between noon and 1 PM!
Best of luck with everything, Liam. And sorry junior is sick...

Helen... probably a couple of hundred bucks less per lens (I'm guessing). The good thing is that Dan is also picking up the sales tax (10 % in Chicago), which tends to help.

Apparently, I'll be in the city a lot earlier than planned. Will take a peek at the Kristkindle Market, which just opened. Who knows? Maybe we can have a beer and a brat too... ;)