Jammed film advance lever and no shutter working FM2n.


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7:40 AM
May 9, 2009
I received a FM2n recently. The winding advance is jammed and cannot make the shutter fire. Is this a common issue on this model or similar models in the Nikon line. Anyone can tell me how to unjam the winding lever?
With the lens off, try fiddling slightly up and down on the aperture-actuator - left from the mirror when viewed from the front - while also playing on the advance-lever. That way you can make the camera advance without the shutter firing, with a bit of patience on a working sample. Also try moving the mirror up with the tip of a pen. Have you tried the double-exposure lever? The connected mirror-assembly is probably the weakest part of the construction. You can also try on the winder-coupling,

Good luck, never had one of mine do that, thogh.
thanks...it has jammed twice and somehow after fiddling around somewhat the shutter fired and I guess "reset". I'll keep playing with this and see how annoying it could get.
You could open the bottom and make sure it is going thorugh all the motions
Repair manual available here
This video might also help, be careful as this guy tends to be too liberal with oil