Interesting Secretariat photo story...


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Aug 30, 2007

I don't know who the photographer was, but this is the 2nd RFF synchronicity the past few weeks. (The other was an Elton John concert photo appearing in the gallery banner and an EJ song playing on my streamer on the computer at the same time.... ...(cue eeerie music...) :)

And this morning, a radio announcer was broadcasting "..this day in history... ...June 9"... and Secretariat was mentioned winning the Belmont Stakes in 1973 and this thread appeared 😱:
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Regardless of the photographer, it's such a great photo. I'm not a horse racing fan by any means, but Secretariat was just so great. That race was incredible. I'll always remember Affirmed and Alydar too -- their Triple Crown head to head races.
Great story by NBC Sports. I believe Kaplan made the photo.

My bet is that the truth can be uncovered if more photos of the stand from the crowd could be obtained. But likely they were watching the race and not making many photos.

I like this kind of photographic controversy and detective work; it’s similar to that of Roger Fenton’s Crimean War cannonballs photo.

p.s. Why is the horse wearing that head covering - is that what the blinders are attached to?
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Yes -- blinkers, they call them. They keep the horse from being spooked by things in the corner of their vision, as I understand it.