Crete / Greece on film

some views from hiking trail on Serifos. i think it was with leica m4 and summarit 50/1.5.


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I was just in beautiful Athens and surrounds, but I took no film cameras with me! All my 4000 images were with the Olympus EM5II and Ricoh GRIIIx.
When i travel to Greece to see family, i very rarely take a camera with me to take pics. I have a few that i like but i have plenty of snapshops.

Evia Island - August 2018
Kodak T-Max 400 in HC-110
Nikon F801

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I'll leave also this one here: It is the place where i was spending my summers as a kid - i know this sea as good as the back of my hand.

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I always always always have a camera with me when I visit!
Dear all,

I am not sure if there is a dedicated Crete / Greece film thread, so I take the opportunity to start one.

I just returned from Crete, which is a wonderful island with a varying landscape. Camera wise, I just took a M6 with a 50mm Jupiter-8 lens with me and almost exclusively Tri-X films - very simple setup, and I was looking for a "classic" film look.

Please feel free to post further pictures, too!

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Lovely stuff!