Illinois Chicago RFF Club - Coffee, Gear and Vivian Maier

Welcome Satoki!
Some strong images on your website.

For those not keeping track, the Bears game begins at 2PM CST, not 3PM as I mentioned above, so the wife staying at home.
If you didn't know already, this game will be BIG.
Hoping some roving pre-game fans will make good camera fodder. :)

Francisco! Glad you're planning to make it, we have much to catch up on.
Given the place and time, it'll be coffee, I guess... I drink to that!

Yes, Liam, I want to hear about Panama too! See you guys this Sunday! :)
A very enjoyable get-together of the Chicago RFF group.
I was great to talk shop with fellow film addicts.

Present were Liam, Rico, Francisco, Tony and myself

Lots of fine gear was on the table - surprisingly no dupes

I think my favorite was Rico's Leica IIIb? - amazing - looked like it is new from the factory.

Among the gear were - Leica IIIb, Mamiya 6 RF, Leica M4-2, Leica M5, Horseman mega-cam, Tele-Rollei, Rollei 35, Olympus EP-2?, Nikon SP, Contax T2, OM-4Ti, OM-3

Since I saw it last week, I skipped the VM exhibit - how'd everyone like it ?

I made use of the way to and from my car to snap a few shots - including a live cheese-head (Packer fan) - I'm post when I develop them

Thanks everyone for coming!

In the image below (apologies for the poor iPhone quality), Francisco, Rico and Liam

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Hope you guys had a good time. Sorry I couldn't make it - got stuck in the 'burbs until the afternoon.
Here's my contribution. I had this film developed the following Tuesday and completely forgot to post this one here.


LtR, Rico, Liam, Toni and Marc, at Borders on State St. We were, as one can see, very wholesome.


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Really wish I could have been there to meet everyone -

Thanks for going to the VM exhibit with me Marc -- Im excited to see the next exhibit. I think this was just a very small portion of her work.

In any case, I found a link to the fundraising efforts you told me about - turns out people have another month to donate.

Also, there have been some updates here:

Attached are the cameras she used!


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It was fun to attach names to faces, and shoot the breeze for a couple of hours. We really lucked out on the weather. :) Yes, Marc, the object of affection was a Leica IIIb from 1939 and similar-era SCNOO rapid winder. The VM images were simply world-class street, and (for this exhibit) all Rolleiflex square. The other two cameras in the case were 35mm format (Exakta, Leica IIIc).
Sorry I missed this - I've been off-line here for months. Hopefully next time.

And, Francisco... you grew a beard!

(A statement of surprise - I'm sure you already know about it. :D )