Illinois Chicago meetup?

Liam, would you be able to stay for lunch or would that be pushing it?

I'm out of touch with restaurants in the Harlem and Lake area. Suggestions?
We might have to drop off the car, but then we could rejoin via bus. Not quite sure on all the timing. My guess is we'll be stuck in Oak Park for at least another hour while they do the install anyway.
Another option would be for you to drop the car off early and I could pick you up there and drop you off later. My ankle isn't going to allow a huge amount of walking around.
Didn't you guys meet at a brewery in January? There are nice places where we could meet in the pedestrian street, and given that we're likely to have decent weather... why not?

There's a small cafe pastry shop near the Cozy Corner (which is, in itself, another good meeting point). It has outdoors seating from what I remember so it's a good reference point... and it's just around the corner from Holiday Camera! :)
Unfortunately I have two kids in dance performances next saturday, so won't be able to attend.

Cozy Corner is a breakfast type diner under new management. Could work. No outdoor seating though.

There is a new Irish Pub which is supposed to be pretty good. It does have outdoor seating.

Parking is a pain now with a lot of construction in downtown oak park. There are a couple of public garages.

You could meet at the farmers market. That goes until 1 or 2 I think. Not a lot of food but good photos.
There are some places that ought to be good for a meet.

Sugar Fixe (pastry and coffee place at 119 N Marion Street, a pedestrian area)

Prairie Bread Kitchen (pastries and sandwiches and coffee, better suited for lunch than Sugar Fixé, at 103 N. Marion Street, kind of a couple of doors down Sugar Fixe).

I'll be coming this time. Just let's decide where and I'll be there! :)
As much as I'd like to, I'm not going to be able to make this one, too many activities already on the calendar