Illinois Chicago meetup?

What happens at a meetup?

I live in Oak Park.

Oak Park is fine by me. I can still get there via public transit if the wife won't give me the car. :)

Meetups usually involve coffee or beer and camera show and tell + conversation. Then weather permitting, going out to take pics.
It does sound like fun....but logistically may not work for me. However, if next time you go to the city, that would be more doable given the Metra (I am north of the city). Also, would need it to be a weekend (geeeze...the new guy is high maintenance already!! ;-)) It would be great to meet some of the folks, and introduce myself to you. Thanks !
Oak Park would be OK for me. I am still working every other weekend so my availability would be Feb 13& 27th
Sounds better than perfect to me too! Let me check with my home CEO and general activities director and manager, but I think we don't have any major things planned for that day.

Any particular place in mind? Not the Sugar spot coffee place... too small... And back in the day, when we once met in Oak Park, that was at the coffee shop of the now defunct Borders.

In any event, I'm game! :)

EDIT: Ooops! Now I re-read Liam's message... No problem! Beershop it is!
No minimum number. We've had 2, we've had 8-10. It's just a friendly get together. I don't recall ever cross-promoting, l've always just assume RFF guys, but I don't think that's a real rule or anything.

Ken, that's a bummer. Don't suppose you could convince her it's a fake holiday at this point. ;)