Anybody like Electrical Stuff?

The largest job of my career was a 6 month project going to all of the Tennessee Valley Authorities power producing facilities and doing glamour photographs of the system inside out. Not only was it the biggest project it was up there as one of the most fun. I got lots of opportunities to make photos of electrical systems up close.

I’d have to locate some of my film to post but these are images of the Spallation Neutron Source particle accelerator at Oak Ridge National Lab.


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I majored in the sciences in college, chemistry and microbiology, but had several physics courses and had an interest in electricity. I started collecting antique electrical scientific devices years ago but have thinned my collection a lot but still have a number of 1800’s to early 1900’s scientific pieces.

In the photo are Crookes and Geisler tubes, induction coils and X-ray tubes.

In the background of the Ambrotype is an early 1900’s Wimshurst static machine that produces about 50,000 volts (low current).


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Two pole pigs, Bisbee AZ.


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Thanks for all responses so far!

Same pole, same camera, around noon when the Foveon thrives in good, light some say: