Agfa Karat IV -- rangefinder adjustment


Nick Merritt
Local time
12:25 AM
Aug 5, 2005
Anyone know how to do this? Mine focuses just short of infinity. I think the top cover looks easy to remove -- take off the rewind knob and three screws. But how to adjust it once the RF mechanism is accessible? There are a couple of lengthy and excellent presentations out there, by Messrs. McFarland and Sherlock, but neither of them deals with adjusting the rangefinder. (They are working with the Karat 36, which has the unusual split image RF, a different mechanism. The Karat IV has the conventional superimposed image, which is probably a good thing for my purposes.) Thanks.
OK, I screwed my courage to the sticking point and removed the top cover (really, very easy). The horizontal, i.e. infinity adjustment is done via a screw that's clearly visible in a hole toward the back of the top cover of the rangefinder assembly, near the viewfinder. Quite simple.
And I buttoned things back up without looking underneath the top cover -- but I wouldn't be surprised if removing the spring steel insert in the accessory shoe would reveal a hole in the top cover giving direct access to the adjustment screw. It's in the right location. I tried checking just now but I don't have the right tool to pry it off without marring it.