A few of mine





Stephen, could you please delete this thread? Photobucket has deleted my account so a lot of the images no longer have a link.

But what about the wonderful images that still show? As others have said, your work is really good and I saw some true gems in this thread. An inspiration
Looks like PB has put them back up? They didn't remove their logo though. Oh well thanks for the kind words Robert and rfaspen. I hate PB. I don't know if anyone remembers but a few years ago they (PB) changed their policy and started charging an insane amount of money for their service. They sent an email saying if we didn't pay we would loose out photos. Kind of a hostage situation. I told them at that time to delete my account. They didn't delete it but they put their stamp across all the images. Then they reversed the high prices but I had found another hosting site. Oh well. Glad the images are still showing up I guess.