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Comments by: bushwick1234 - 09-23-17 7:38 PM  
Photographer: Ko.Fe.
unmistakable Ilford tones!
Comments by: bushwick1234 - 09-23-17 7:37 PM  
Photographer: Ko.Fe.
Great shot and light!
Comments by: robert blu - 09-23-17 2:07 PM  
Photographer: Tuna
Wow, this is fashion! Love the colors palette, well done!
Comments by: robert blu - 09-23-17 2:05 PM  
Photographer: Ko.Fe.
Simple and very nice. Hands are oft interesting, they add life here!
PS: great tones from the HP5 @3200 !
Comments by: mcfingon - 09-23-17 1:01 PM  
Photographer: Ko.Fe.
Man of mystery Ko.Fe. I also have a J3, and it's a really good lens. John Mc
Comments by: raid - 09-23-17 12:13 PM  
Photographer: robert blu
Yes, this set of images taken with the Super Ikonta is cool!
Comments by: mcfingon - 09-23-17 11:45 AM  
Photographer: mcfingon
Thanks robert, we had a lovely ride over the Stelvio. It was sunny but cold, well worth it to see the snow and experience all the hairpin corners. Unique and exhilarating.
Comments by: Mudman - 09-23-17 11:37 AM  
Photographer: Mudman
It's great on m8. Some field fall off on the full frame but that's gone by f4. Good and sharp in the center by f2 for portraits.
Comments by: robert blu - 09-23-17 11:28 AM  
Photographer: mcfingon
Wow! What a scenery! Beautiful!
Comments by: raid - 09-23-17 11:17 AM  
Photographer: raid
Thank you.
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