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Comments by: MJ Buckpitt - 07-8-20 2:04 PM  
Photographer: MJ Buckpitt
Thanks, LC!

I'm not finished with this sculpture; it draws me like a magnet.
Comments by: MJ Buckpitt - 07-8-20 2:00 PM  
Photographer: LCSmith
The eyes have it!

Great shot.
Comments by: robert blu - 07-8-20 1:53 PM  
Photographer: lynnb
Dramatic but not frightening !
Comments by: robert blu - 07-8-20 1:52 PM  
Photographer: lynnb
This let me desire a walk on the beach with my feet in the salt water...thanks Lynn
Comments by: tigerphil - 07-8-20 12:39 PM  
Photographer: tigerphil
Thanks for your comments guys
Comments by: freeranger - 07-8-20 11:23 AM  
Photographer: LCSmith
Great timing! Very nice shot.
Comments by: raid - 07-8-20 8:10 AM  
Photographer: lynnb
Good point!
Comments by: LCSmith - 07-8-20 7:44 AM  
Photographer: lynnb
Never put the horizon in the middle of the frame -- unless you are Lynn Burdekin, in which case you know how to break that rule with an arc of continuity from cloud to surf which brings us quietly to the subject, two figures getting a foot washing.

Happy Birthday, by the way.
Comments by: LCSmith - 07-8-20 7:40 AM  
Photographer: tigerphil
I find my eye finishes serenely at the bottom of the top third of the frame, where roots end and verdure begins.
Comments by: LCSmith - 07-8-20 7:34 AM  
Photographer: MJ Buckpitt
Yes. That is how you do it. Well done.
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