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Comments by: lynnb - 11-28-20 7:45 PM  
Photographer: isorgb
Agree. Love the subtle colour gradations and transitions.
Comments by: daveoo - 11-28-20 6:46 PM  
Photographer: daveoo
Thanks Rangefinder 35. I have the Distagon ZM 35mm 1.4 and this lens I find exceptionally sharp. I don't have the Biogon lens. I did order the Voigtlander 35mm 1.7 but I haven't used the lens yet.
Comments by: isorgb - 11-28-20 5:55 PM  
Photographer: Rangefinder 35
Sailing! Blue sailing! I like!!!
Motorhead with Lemmy and Motorboat?
Comments by: raid - 11-28-20 5:45 PM  
Photographer: raid
Thank you guys for looking. This happened as Hurricane Sally hit Pensacola. They have insurance, but it looks messy.
Comments by: isorgb - 11-28-20 5:44 PM  
Photographer: JHutchins
This picture sounds like a strong bass. Sounds strong. I imagine old Pearl Jam with this guy. Bass played through these windows ... over the city... for all!
Comments by: Rangefinder 35 - 11-28-20 5:43 PM  
Photographer: daveoo
Nice winter landscape. How do you like that Biogon? I used to shoot with 35/2.0 and it was amazingly sharp, especially when stopped down a couple of stops.
Comments by: paulfish4570 - 11-28-20 5:41 PM  
Photographer: raid
rats. that stinks ...
Comments by: Rangefinder 35 - 11-28-20 5:39 PM  
Photographer: isorgb

Dreamy landscape...
Comments by: Rangefinder 35 - 11-28-20 5:38 PM  
Photographer: raid

Wow. Is it after a hurricane?
Comments by: Rangefinder 35 - 11-28-20 5:31 PM  
Photographer: Rangefinder 35
Yes, Lynn. they're slippery. I have slipped couple times on the seaweed. Once I banged my 6X7 on a rock, screwing the camera. Once I busted a vein in my calf and ad to hike back 5 miles to the car with a swollen leg, and then drive 4 hrs to Seattle, where I went to the emergency room. Almost lost my leg that time, doctor said.
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