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Comments by: Doug - 10-20-17 4:33 PM  
Photographer: James Gillbanks
Interesting to see the pathway under the water, and the people there might be waiting for the tide to go out...
Comments by: Doug - 10-20-17 4:27 PM  
Photographer: Richard G
Sleek! The lines of the top are similar to current Porsche. This is our usual pick for a rental car in Hawaii, but minus the V8!
Comments by: Doug - 10-20-17 4:23 PM  
Photographer: Doug
Thanks! Lush greens of May...
Comments by: barnwulf - 10-20-17 3:58 PM  
Photographer: Richard G
Such great lines on a real beauty of a car. It has enough engine too. - jim
Comments by: barnwulf - 10-20-17 3:53 PM  
Photographer: lynnb
A great portrait Lynn but, of coarse your portraits usually are. - jim
Comments by: barnwulf - 10-20-17 3:51 PM  
Photographer: Richard G
Well seen Richard. Nice framing too. - jim
Comments by: Richard G - 10-20-17 2:16 PM  
Photographer: Richard G
Thanks. Yes, the passing bus was a bonus, also cutting the flare from a pretty good Summaron, but still needing a clean.
Comments by: brainwood - 10-20-17 12:50 PM  
Photographer: Richard G
Nice shot of a nice car. The blurred background creates a bit of movement
Comments by: brainwood - 10-20-17 12:49 PM  
Photographer: jazzwave
Very nice image Jazzwave
Comments by: Axel100 - 10-20-17 12:13 PM  
Photographer: Axel100
Thank you Kaniel!
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