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Comments by: bullterrier - 12-8-19 10:27 AM  
Photographer: bullterrier
sorry too make you feel sorry,I will never show such images again.enough shit in this world,actually..
Comments by: Guy Pinhas - 12-8-19 9:51 AM  
Photographer: bullterrier
What a sh!tshow. So sorry to see this.
Comments by: daveoo - 12-8-19 9:40 AM  
Photographer: lynnb
The contrast between the blue trim and the weathered outside walls is interesting.
Comments by: bullterrier - 12-8-19 9:13 AM  
Photographer: bullterrier
thanks guys!
Comments by: CharlesDAMorgan - 12-8-19 8:38 AM  
Photographer: bullterrier
So so sorry Bullterrier - what a horrible thing to happen! I do so hope all is recoverable. I won't rate or like this photo for obvious reasons!
Comments by: raid - 12-8-19 7:43 AM  
Photographer: bullterrier
Sorry to see this flooding, but life continues and you will have great new images.
Comments by: Greg Maslak - 12-8-19 7:17 AM  
Photographer: filmtwit
The diagonal highlights descending into the pit silhouetting the people. Great composition to tell the story.
Comments by: Guy Pinhas - 12-8-19 7:13 AM  
Photographer: Guy Pinhas
Thank you Charles!
Comments by: raid - 12-8-19 7:11 AM  
Photographer: raid
Thank you Greg. I was being pushed by girls away from the front of the "pit" and I nearly tripped and fell, but I kept my "camera" in place. I used the iPhone XR As Is and without any additional settings on the phone. It has a good camera.
Comments by: Greg Maslak - 12-8-19 7:07 AM  
Photographer: raid
Speechless. The red colour version is amazingly good. Well done, raid.
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