Leica M2 my friend loaned me. © 2018 Tedwhite

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When I asked if he had a leica my friend said sure. He knew I wanted borrow one.
Oddly, it works perfectly. Obviously, he is somewhat indifferent to cosmetics.

Lens is a 21/4 Super Angulon.

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02-22-05 7:13 PM
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02-22-05 7:18 PM
This Leica has 'character'!

02-22-05 7:20 PM
Nice lens!

02-22-05 7:27 PM
I love it! Now _THATS_ a Lieca I'd be willing to own. No worries about scratching it!

02-22-05 7:31 PM
Here is your chance to paint it bright yellow like that M4 on Photo.net I like it tho, looks like its well worked in.

02-22-05 8:51 PM
.......there is a little chip in the vulcanite, if you look really close you can see it .

02-23-05 3:25 AM
Smart looking!

Brian Sweeney
02-23-05 3:25 AM
That Vulcanite can be replaced for $25 or so. I see a little haze on the VF; a CLA would take care of it.Black paint over chrome, the chrome looks good! no big deal. One terrific wide-angle lens.You have a good friend.

10-11-05 7:51 PM
I think Todd meant, there's a little chip OF vulcanite... that's the kind of camera you could leave on a park bench and come back an hour later and pick up off the grass where somebody moved it so they could sit down.. no worries about theft!

jan normandale
10-11-05 7:56 PM
that camera has stories to tell

12-29-05 12:38 PM
that camera has stories to tell (jan normandale)
Agree, I would like to read those stories.
I would like to see some of the photos you took with it

03-19-06 6:22 AM
that is one of the nicest looking leicas I have ever seen, I love the ones that have been used to hell and back

05-5-06 2:39 PM
Heck, my own dinged and dented M4 looks like new compared to this one. It's really got some character. I gotta go use mine a lot more! Over the hills and far off...

05-16-08 6:03 PM
Photo Arsenal has one just like it for $20,000.

05-17-08 4:18 AM
Jaw dropping!

08-29-08 4:59 AM
Yana what?
this camera hasn't necessary went through a lot of use.
Dry vulkanit can chip off badly on a beautifull camera. And the BP over chrome is known not to stick around too much.
My bet:
We have a cinderella here...

08-29-08 5:57 AM
eBay description: "Mint-"


08-29-08 7:34 AM - Rated it: 10
nice rig

08-29-08 2:55 PM - Rated it: 10
Beauty is only skin deep.

But ugly goes all the way to the rf patch, slow shutter speeds, baffles, flssh sync, take-up spool, self-timer mechanism, pressure plate, frame counter....

Koni Kowa
03-6-10 5:37 AM
Self-made black paint M2. Here is the reason why you should spend $2500 to have an original black paint. :p

07-26-12 1:55 AM
"EXC to MINT condition..."

11-1-13 9:54 AM
What a beauty! Just broken in, to be sure.

Phil Forrest

12-8-13 4:19 PM
Looks like it would clean up really well . . . maybe could use a little help from Cameraleather.

Tom A - Likes this Photo !
12-25-13 11:08 AM
That is a good looking Leica! Vulcanite is over rated anyway - and can be replaced with gaffers tape if needed.

zuiko85 - Likes this Photo !
01-14-14 2:07 AM
If the internals are good...then who cares. The type of camera thiefs wouldn't even consider.

news shooter
01-17-14 5:32 PM
like Tom A said, maybe gaffers tape, cloth black or how about wood grained contact paper? Ya know, trailer trash. Diamond plate stick on foil would be a good redneck option. Last but, not least, mossy oak break up!

03-1-14 7:48 AM
Mint +++ on E***y

03-1-14 8:15 AM
UGLY+++ to MINT-

"the lens works".

Ko.Fe. - Likes this Photo !
04-8-14 7:55 AM

04-8-14 8:27 AM
Everybody usually wants a mint Leica, but here, everybody wants a "whatever-is-remaining-of-this-camera-Leica".

04-8-14 8:45 AM
And my friend still has it and the Super Angulon. I tried to buy it. No dice.

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