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This is the first photograph I ever took with a rangefinder camera. It was my Dad's brand new Argus C3. It was so heavy and awkward to use. It seemed like it took forever to focus. every time I thought I had it right, he'd check the focus and tell me to keep working on it. Finally everything was just right and he told to shoot if I was ready. I squeezed the shutter release and nothing happened... I had forgotten to cock the shutter. After correcting that under my Dad's grin, I squeezed it off and felt the joy I continue to feel when I've got something special to shoot.


10-7-04 9:53 PM
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04-3-05 9:49 AM
the colors are very intense, it almost looks like a painting.

04-3-05 4:28 PM
I think the qualities you describe are due to the location and the film. Shooting toward a northerly sky in a land where extremely clear skies are the rule had a lot to do with it. Although Kodachrome is not as saturated as Velvia, it works extremely well in this type of environment. And it is the only archival film on the market.

10-11-05 10:37 PM - Rated it: 6
This is far superior to the synagouge and carnival shot. Perspective is much better. I am as equally intrigued by the subject matter since of both the controversy that arose before this pic was taken and the consequences 45 years later. For those unaware, this dam filled Glen Canyon which was a near rival to the beauty of the neighboring Grand Canyon. It also changed the Colorado River flow which led to a change in the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon.

Now, the waters behind Glen Cayon Dam (now called Lake Powell) are rapidly receding due to: 1) extended drought and , 2) regarless of drought, the dam was conceived under the false assumption that overly high levels of snowpack experienced in the Rocky Mountains in the late 1940's "normal".

Controversial in its conception and construction, Glen Canyon Dam now stands as a question mark over our species arrogance.

Sorry for going OT - great pic anyway.

Harry S. - Likes this Photo !
01-8-14 5:11 PM
I dont really browse the gallery much, but this just grabbed me....amazing work. Classic looking like a Shore or Eggleston..

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