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Any idea where the long wavy light streaks came from? They are on this negative and 2 others, but not consecutive negatives


10-23-04 8:45 PM
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10-24-04 6:04 PM
There have been single light leaks reported at T and Rx but since the L got no built in finder...........?? And it does not look like a film window leak so maybe it was a lens not completely screwed in ?

don sorsa
10-24-04 6:53 PM
Thanks, Bertram. This really mystifies me - and maybe the loose lens was the culprit. I'll be very cautious on the roll I shoot next. Don

11-9-04 12:26 PM
Despite the light streak let me say that I LOVE this composition !!

don sorsa
11-12-04 11:25 AM
Thanks, taffer. This interior is very well designed and I'll return one of these days and try again.

11-16-04 3:40 PM
Since when are they allowing people in the Rookery? I was there last year and they just blocked us. And, of course, no cameras. BTW, I think you have a light leak. But then, I didn't notice it until I read your photo description. That's how good this shot is.

don sorsa
11-17-04 3:47 PM
Rookery, yeah, you know your downtown. I was wearing a disguise, a suit and tie, and just walked past the guard with the Bessa under my jacket. And then when he stepped outside I went up the steps past the "no entrance" sign. When I came down he politely told me to pay attention to signs and follow rules. I said OK and walked off. Yah, I always follow the rules... I shot a roll there and have 2-3-4 decent frames.

lxmike - Likes this Photo !
04-4-14 5:35 PM
simply superb image

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