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Summitar 5.0cm f/2

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Manly village
HP5+ @iso800 in ID-11 1+1 14min 22C


12-9-19 5:08 AM
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Mlehrman - Likes this Photo !
12-9-19 5:26 AM
I very much like your new series of iiif photos, lynn. The style seems a bit more "free-wheeling", yet with your usual attention to composition and detail. I enjoy the feel of these, the sense of life and movement.

daveoo - Likes this Photo !
12-9-19 5:30 PM
Yes, good work.

12-10-19 9:16 PM
Thanks Mike and daveoo. This was a grab shot while I was walking - I noticed the man carrying the dog at the last moment so no time for camera adjustments. I think I'd left focus at 3 or 4 metres, 1/125 @f/8 or 11. I'm getting less averse to motion blur.

Ko.Fe. - Likes this Photo !
12-11-19 12:25 PM
Dog came out awesome!

Guy Pinhas - Likes this Photo !
12-12-19 7:31 AM
Movement, grain, what's not to love!

Mlehrman - Likes this Photo !
12-12-19 9:00 AM
Lack of blur is overrated. Meaning and life are what matter. Except in architectural shots. And trees.

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