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SX 70

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Which way shall we go?
Polaroid SX 70, B&W 600 film

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03-15-19 8:28 AM
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lynnb - Likes this Photo !
03-15-19 4:54 PM
eerie, Robert! A companion to Keith's recent photo.

Ko.Fe. - Likes this Photo !
03-15-19 7:26 PM
Feels very analog!

robert blu
03-16-19 6:45 AM
Thank you both for your words.
I'm trying to make deliberately "mistakes" to see and learn if any interesting results can be obtained. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Maybe I should start a thread about experimenting mistakes!
This was taken from the car, with my wife driving home and the sun against us.
Because friday was the day with many young people demonstrating for the health of the planet I thought that a road in the darkness going towards the light( or could it be an explosion?) I decided to call it "fridays for future"
Keith recent photo is a masterpiece, different league, he's the Maestro!

Guy Pinhas - Likes this Photo !
03-18-19 6:38 AM - Rated it: 9
Great shot and great comment Robert!!!!

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