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Voigtlander 50mm / F 2,0 Heliar

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I went back to Gais, the beautiful small village in the Alps with not so much in it.
More snow this time. And it was cold. I didn't take many photos!
This time I had a different lens.


01-21-19 6:54 AM
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0.00133 s (1/750)
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Bike Tourist - Likes this Photo !
01-21-19 10:30 AM
Plenty of contrast and yet mid tones rendered nicely. The foreground kids are just the right touch.

raid - Likes this Photo !
01-21-19 12:33 PM
This is a nice souvenir from your Alps trip, Robert. I hope that you enjoyed this trip a lot.

robert blu
01-22-19 3:09 AM
Thanks for your words, appreciated as always. Lately I prefer B&W with high contrast but in this case it didn't work, so I decided for a more tonal version.
We had just parked the car when I saw the kids coming from the school and I had just the time to prefocus and snap the photo. And the milk can near the house was something below going to the mountain area...

daveoo - Likes this Photo !
01-26-19 8:48 AM
Nice photo here also, memory building.

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