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07-17-17 2:44 PM
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07-17-17 2:56 PM
This a the newest in a series of Images on the vanishing culture of Appalachia. They will become a part of a special collection of my images at the East Tennessee Historical Center. The ETHC houses an exhibitor of my images clued Vanishing Appalachia and toured Southern US museums for nearly 8 years.

I drive about 100 miles each way and have attended around 50 services in this particular church. This is a Holiness church where their belief is centered around the Book of Mark chapter 16 / 16-17. They believe in taking up deadly serpents, drinking poison, speaking in tongues and healing the sick by laying on of hands.

This is a very private group that I'm very grateful to for sharing their lives and allowing me to record and share with others.

Mlehrman - Likes this Photo !
07-17-17 5:53 PM
I consider myself fortunate to have you share this excellent and moving series in this forum. This corner of the world would have remained invisible to me. Thank you.

ellisson - Likes this Photo !
07-22-17 6:38 AM
A poignant image of the followers and their young ones. Agree with Mlehrman - thank you for sharing.

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