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02-22-05 11:04 AM
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02-22-05 12:12 PM
framing/crop works well with the expression. nice casual, informal portrait.

02-22-05 3:50 PM
I agree with ray good to see another fed3 user you have a good j9.please post some more with this lens

02-22-05 4:00 PM
Very interesting framing/perspective indeed! Makes one wanna know more about the subject.

02-23-05 1:52 AM
Was the cropping intentional? Reason I'm asking: I've got plenty of portraits like that with the J-) and the universal finder where it was not intentional - made me buy a Bessa R at last...

02-25-05 9:08 AM
Thanks for the comments. With J-9 is very difficult to focus/frame at close distance (1.2 - 2.0 m).I'm sorry for poor english

01-4-06 11:47 AM
Nice portrait. Intentional or unintentional, I like the composition.

lytton - Likes this Photo !
11-14-13 5:12 PM

I just wish there were more context to the mise en scene. I see the calendars in the background, but I can't figure out if it's a dive bar or a body shop... otherwise I would leave them out or blow them out a bit more so as not to distract the eye from such a rich subject

Bill Clark - Likes this Photo !
03-10-14 5:13 PM

Like the expression,

Lighting & composition.

stillshunter - Likes this Photo !
06-7-14 3:25 PM
i like the sense of mystery and allure here. great shot!

Ko.Fe. - Likes this Photo !
06-9-17 7:54 AM
Hello, again

Chris101 - Likes this Photo !
07-17-17 2:05 AM
Nice cha-chas! The barrettes, face, amulet line draws our gaze. Do the calendar and arm behind the chair, mean that time passes without regard to 'the audience' ...

lynnb - Likes this Photo !
07-17-17 2:50 AM
Nice that this image has re-emerged from the Gallery.. compelling portrait!

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