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09-26-04 9:46 AM
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09-26-04 10:05 AM
Swann, a landscape?? Well, I guess every portrait photographer needs to get out of the studio sometimes Just kidding -- I love the emerald greens and that beautiful tree on the left. A very nice image!

09-26-04 10:13 AM
Thank's Gene, in fact I do much more landscapes and architecture than portraits, maybe I have to show some more?

09-28-04 11:19 PM
When I first saw this I thought, now, this is real boring. It took a while to get into it and to grasp the fine details and various depth levels of this combed-looking landscape, all of which nicely reflect how we Swiss guys are able to impose perfect order on nature... Good photo.

09-29-04 5:25 AM
Thank you Gerold, a fine comment that made me smile indeed. You are completely right it is a banality which seems to be my theme mainly. I am challenged to find beauty in banality that surrounds us. Funny enough on behalf of perfect order is the fact that the landscape is a small piece of renatured pasture environment at the river Reuss. Much money was spent in landscape gardening here to bring back a straight canalized river to its 'original' nature

09-29-04 9:49 PM
Swann - pleased to see how precise the message of this image came across to the viewer. Isn't it amazing how effective a means of communication 24x36 millimeters of film can make ! Cheers

09-30-04 11:09 AM
Yes Gerold, it is great if it happens, it takes a sensitive recepient too.

f16sunshine - Likes this Photo !
07-9-14 10:14 AM
Very pleasing image. I'm happy to have stumbled upon it nearly 10 years later now

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