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There's nothing like getting your head straight after 800 miles on I-40 than getting off and chugging down US 66. It kinda takes the edge off.


09-24-04 5:07 PM
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09-25-04 4:05 AM
Love that Southwestern scenery!

Phil_F_NM - Likes this Photo !
10-17-13 8:47 AM
Looks like the little spur of Rte 66 remaining west of Tucumcari, New Mexico.
It's a nice trip when the road can be found!

10-17-13 9:15 AM
Breaking Bad set?

Rob-F - Likes this Photo !
11-15-14 1:15 AM
One of those pictures that are worth a thousand words! It conveys the passage of time, and that there's no going back.

David Murphy - Likes this Photo !
04-14-15 3:50 PM
If you are lucky you can sometimes find the Route-66 logo painted (in fading paint) on some parts of the road surface - makes a great photo souvenir.

Timmyjoe - Likes this Photo !
04-29-16 10:34 AM
Phil, That's exactly what I thought when I saw this photo. Heading back east to Tucumcari from here, if you can stay on the original 66, there used to be (2006) a sheer rock face that had 66 painted on it, and a Texaco sign. Wonder if it's still there?

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