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07-4-14 10:13 PM
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Keith - Likes this Photo !
07-4-14 10:52 PM
Extremely cute child .... and nice black and white conversion.

Doug - Likes this Photo !
07-4-14 11:34 PM
Wow, very charming pic! Got teeth

lynnb - Likes this Photo !
07-5-14 3:25 AM
agree… this kid looks like a born presenter...

07-5-14 6:54 AM
It's easier to take good picture when you have a gorgeous model.

(This is why I'm doing less Landscape travel and Street walking.)

It's also why I'm doing less rangefinder work. It is hard to keep focus on a moving target, at wider apertures and higher ISO. And the M9 ISO performance just isn't there for indoor shots at reasonable aperture and speed settings.

07-5-14 7:03 AM
One other thing: I've been thinking a lot about how the Dutch masters used North Light -- Fun movie, "Tim's Vermeer". B&W conversion can be pretty flat if the lighting is more uniform or you use full-frontal, auto flash. In this case, the window gave North Light from the left, and the ceiling light filled in with a bit of incandescent bulbs.

In color the mis-match of light temperature was reasonably well-handled by the D7100, but just barely. B&W comes out better. Also, I don't quite like the color cast from the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 D lens.

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