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I bought the camera and lens a week ago and started shooting. I'm a complete newbie with more time than talent (but not enough of either...)


10-9-04 5:16 PM
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10-9-04 5:32 PM
Is this in the Loop? I've been to the downtown area armed and dangerous and never finding the stuff you see. Good job!

don sorsa
10-9-04 5:36 PM
Gee, Solares, you're quick. These are my first rolls from a new camera/lens. And all are from downtown Chicago, called The Loop for those who haven't been here. These are either alleys near my office, the gardens of the Art Institute, or the inside of the Chicago Cultural Center. Thanks a bunch for looking. I'll add a few more and then take a break and look through other member gallerys.

Rich Silfver
10-9-04 9:11 PM
love the texture her

don sorsa
10-10-04 9:46 PM
Thanks, Rich. It's a rich space so all I had to do was snap it! The shadows from the chain and bolts caught my eye first and the area just got cooler the longer I looked at it.

Rob-F - Likes this Photo !
08-8-15 3:54 PM
I like this photo for its texture, composition, and tonality. It goes to show you: Good photo subjects are everywhere, for those who can see them.

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