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This is normally a favourite site for panoramas, but it's become an important acheological site. I took this as a matter of record but I rather like the neat row of wheelbarrows!


09-14-04 8:51 PM
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Rich Silfver
09-14-04 11:54 PM
Nice! great eye.

09-15-04 2:09 PM
Roger - you sure know what to do with that Fujinon 45 - Great work!

09-16-04 7:42 AM
Yes, I like this a lot. Great use of the panoramic AND a witty image beside.

09-29-04 9:55 AM
I've been studying your panoramic images and finally decided it is time for me to get a TX-1. What would you advise me to look for in terms of lenses, etc. I'll probably start by using it at work where I need extra wide angle views of confined spaces.

09-29-04 6:19 PM
ROVNGUY: This is a reply to your question about which lenses to get for a TX-1. You must get the 45mm F/4 lens. This is the most useful by far. The 30mm F/5.6 is a wonderful, incredible lens, the equivalent of a 15 or 16mm lens in normnal 35mm photography, but too expensive for my budget. They sometimes come up secondhand because not everyone can handle a really wide "wide" angle lens. Also, people have problems with the small maximum aperture, and the fact you really need to use a center filter to compensate for the quite noticeable cosine-law fall-off in brightness around the edtges. However, this is the one to open up enclosed spaces. The only other choice is the 90mm, which is fine if you do any photography of scenery, particularly mountains, or if you want to get further away from people for your "people" shots. Please be careful to distinguish between my shots taken with the TX-1 and those taken with the Voyageur rotary... they are very different cameras! (I'm not assuming you make this error, just giving a friendly warning to be sure NOT to!)

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