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mOnOchrOm wOrkshOp Dallas, Texas
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02-6-13 1:52 PM
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robklurfield - Likes this Photo !
02-6-13 3:19 PM
Does this make you an auto-didact? a muLti-aUto-diDact? anyway, a lovely image with some awfully nice geometry going on.

02-6-13 3:37 PM
how about a cubist?

lynnb - Likes this Photo !
02-6-13 4:26 PM
definitely cubist for me. Great job with the arrangement of images. Another favourite!

02-6-13 4:33 PM
cubist-didact. that gets my vote.

02-6-13 4:36 PM
you know, looking at this, it's really Nude Descending a Staircase -- minus the nude and minus the staircase. Or, put another way, Marcel Duchamps was phOtoNy minus the camera. your nude is descending to the left and his way debarking to the right, but damn, that's her.

02-6-13 4:44 PM
I like your interpretation Rob. Once you mentioned it, it's impossible not to see it.

Jack Conrad - Likes this Photo !
02-6-13 7:02 PM
Photony Texas got it going on...

photony texas
02-7-13 5:22 AM
wOw guys, appreciate the comments.
Marcel Duchamps was forced to take his Nude Descending painting down from the Gallery Show, needless to say he was very mad for being censored. Took a taxi to the gallery, walked in, pulled it off the wall and drove off... I'm not taking my phOtO down

Glad you see something more than a cat in my pictures...!

photony texas
02-7-13 5:27 AM
I just found this quote from Duchamp about the incident.

Quote-I went immediately to the show and took my painting home in a taxi. It was really a turning point in my life, I can assure you. I saw that I would not be very much interested in groups after that.-Quote

02-7-13 11:57 AM
wait, there's a cat in that picture? I wanna buy a print of the cat.

02-7-13 12:01 PM
To add a layer of ridiculousness to this whole thing, visit this link to see a performance art installation by Robert Whitman from 1962. I saw this performed in person about two weeks ago. Bob using the audio from a lecture at the Philadelphia Museum of Art by a Swedish scholar/critic Ulf Linde about Duchamp. Not only was the nude wearing the emperor's clothes, but so were the critics -- even the ones who championed Duchamp.


This link is to a 1987 performance of the piece.

Now, about that cat ....

photony texas
02-7-13 6:12 PM
rOb thanks for the video link, very interesting...
Through my photography I probably unconsciously align myself with the surrealists...

luiman - Likes this Photo !
02-8-13 1:56 PM
Architecture and surrealism works very well here!

photony texas
02-8-13 2:14 PM
Appreciate the comment luiman, plenty of unique and interesting Architecture in Dallas, teXas.

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