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Guts of the Clock Tower.


08-26-04 6:36 PM
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08-27-04 4:42 AM
Wonderful lines and patterns. I like the way you've composed this

Marc Jutras
08-27-04 5:13 PM
Thanks. I didn't have too much time to take that one as many tourists wanted to go up or down the stairs (see other clock picture commentaries). I selected my exposure, focused quickly and took one shot.

08-27-04 8:42 PM
I like this one! The curve of the spiral stairs is a good counterpoint for the curves of the clock.

Mike Richards
08-30-04 3:38 AM
Agree with Doug. This is the better of the two compositions.

Marc Jutras
08-30-04 7:28 PM
I really like this one too. I had just taken a horizontal shot from straight in front of the clock, centered. There were people down there, just to the right of the clock. There were people behind me who wanted to go down (the stairs at this level allow only one person to pass) and others wanting to go up. I moved quickly to clear the passage and saw this angle. I leaned against the railing, made eye contact with the man in front of to make him understand I need a few seconds, aimed and shot. The white spot above the "2004" is the top of the head of a tourists. At full size, there's a wonderful amount of detail and you also see her arms. This was my first try with Kodak's BW400CN and I really like the results. I haven't shot real B&W in many years and I must try a few rolls to see what I prefer. But this film semms to be a nice tool.

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