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He comes from Brasil.
Daytime, he walks in the city center and mumbles with one hand held open in front of him. This evening - surprisingly clear and friendly. He had a bag of sliced bread and a large notebook (the paper one!) wherein he was writing different words with big, fancy letters. Like PEACE, HEMP, CANNABIS. He also has notes written by some local ganxta's which ride stinky scooters, talk loud to everyone on the street and occasionally offer him a sip from a hand-rolled joint.
His "friends", I guess.
He spoke perfect English and reasonable Dutch. When I asked him about a photo, he straightened up his back. He got 20 cm taller. His pitch black skin was shining in the darkness like freshly cut antracit. Strangely, there was no white in his eyes. "Ready, thanks." "No flash?" -he asked, somewhat disappointed.

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08-25-04 11:59 AM
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08-25-04 2:49 PM
Great expression, great story! I think you dealt with the light as good as you could have, it would be worth tying to shoot him again in better light, he has some nice texture and life in his face. Good Job!

08-25-04 4:07 PM
Intriguing character, difficult exposure, nice portrait; did you crop the neg quite a lot?

08-26-04 1:26 AM
Perfect portrait!!

08-26-04 2:11 AM
Doug: not a lot...only a stripe from the left and top, to get him out of the dead center. Anyhow, my experience with fuji neopan1600 is mixed. Some shots show great contrast and tonality with just enough grain, some shots are made out of blown highlights and detailless shadows, some shots have grains like ants, big and long... on the same roll! I don't get that film. Thanks for the comments...

08-31-04 7:05 AM
Great character study, the lines in his face filled with experiences you and I will probably never know. Though I'd like to see a bit more detail in the face, the grain works well for you, and the expression is perfect. Well done.

PatrickCheung - Likes this Photo !
10-2-13 8:24 AM
awesome photo... great story. I love meeting people like this!

- Likes this Photo !
09-1-15 11:24 AM - Rated it: 10
great photo!

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