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11-2-04 3:18 AM
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11-2-04 4:06 AM
Is it that sharp on the negative as well ? Wow.

11-2-04 5:38 AM
I can say 'almost', by judging the 5"X12" printings.

11-2-04 10:06 AM
I like the one boat coming back in. Against the flow so to speak.

11-2-04 5:31 PM
HI Dingo, I've seen that impressing work you did with the 6X9 folder, but this is still a "normal" 75mm lens ! So no matter if you use 35mm or 120 film, all you get is a normal 6X9 pic with 75mm FL, whith the upper and the lower part cut off. No pano ! Pano or not depends only of the angle of view, typically about 110 to 130 degees. In other words if I shoot the same frame with a 35mm camera and a 50mm lens we get the same photo. I just have to enlarge it more !

11-2-04 6:32 PM
Yes, Bertram, I totally agree with you, this is nothing to do with panorama, especially can't compared with shots by Widelux or Horizon, which create the unique perspective. I just want to make fun with an old folding camera, nothing serious.

11-2-04 6:37 PM
Oh Bertram, there is on single difference. When we enlarge the photos into certain size, the enlarge ratios are different, that means I can have a clearer picture (in theory :^) )

11-3-04 6:06 PM
Yes, Dingo, but I could make it damn hard for you with a good tripod and some ISO 25 film and my Nokton at f5.6 or f8 BTW I was only referring to "X-pan" assuming you expect some pano effect from this special design.

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