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01-19-05 1:37 AM
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01-19-05 9:25 AM
Fun picture ! And that's a Mercedes with history !

01-19-05 1:34 PM
That's my 1983 turbodiesel touring sedan(station wagon) I friend of mine made the turtle. I installed it after someone "borrowed" the star. I have driven this car across the USA east to west and the turtle never complained

01-19-05 2:14 PM
Great photo. It might be a good idea to keep the objects you are photographing off the dead center though.. (just my 2cents )

01-19-05 5:33 PM
Hey another Merc shooter! I like the dead-center composition here. Cool water droplets too.

Phil_F_NM - Likes this Photo !
11-7-13 1:05 PM
Lovely W123!
I'm on my second Merc diesel. First was a 1978 300D. My car now is a 1972 220D. Love 'em!
And for this composition, dead center is perfect!
The best or nothing!

jbrianfoto - Likes this Photo !
09-25-14 6:48 AM
I'm a Merc nut too - have a trio of these - all are w124 models, all are 1987 (300D named Seabiscut, 300TD named Klaus and one more 300TD named Spouse). The two wagons are only 73 VIN numbers apart. My first wagon was an N/A 1980 300TD named Chloie - but she's sadly gone now.

I accidentally sat on my star once, snapped it right off. Had to buy another, car didn't look right without it.

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