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08-8-04 7:31 AM
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08-8-04 7:41 AM

08-8-04 11:25 AM
I love it! What a classic. Wonderful expression!

03-11-05 10:43 PM
well partially "in" bustier. I agree a classic!

03-22-05 9:26 AM
Yes she is a girl of the past

11-29-05 3:01 PM
Technically a very nice shot. Emotionally it grabs ya! It also reminds me of a review of celebrities when the reviewer said of Dolly Parton's dress: "There was too much Dolly stuffed into too little dress!" It's one of those things I wish I'd said.

mfogiel - Likes this Photo !
10-7-13 2:21 AM
Good one!

raid - Likes this Photo !
10-7-13 4:54 AM
I like it.

Chris101 - Likes this Photo !
12-27-13 11:35 PM
This is the third time in a month I have clicked through from the RFF portal page to this image. That alone says something, eh! But, Yow! That has GOT to hurt. Are her eyes like dimeslots, because of the painkillers this corset requires? Dennis, you have a great photo here. It ranks with many of the iconic pictures throughout the history of photography in all that it says about human sexuality, feminism, public expectations, and (in my personal case) our attitude toward the world outside of ourselves.

01-4-14 1:01 PM
Makes me think of a really generous ice cream cone. Don't know why.

bushwick1234 - Likes this Photo !
01-4-14 2:56 PM
..a melting ice cream cone..

01-4-14 5:21 PM
Guys, get a grip on yourselves!

x-ray - Likes this Photo !
02-7-14 5:47 PM
It's her expression. Love it! Great shot.

lynnb - Likes this Photo !
05-3-15 10:16 PM
this came up in random gallery picks and I just have to agree with earlier comments. Great shot.

06-11-15 9:50 AM
This just showed up on the random gallery picks and I have to agree that this is just a great shot. - jim

02-13-17 9:30 AM
I find nothing interesting about this shot, and I keep seeing it very often, much more than others... dont know why.

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